Placeholder ImageStewart Lamle lives in New York City and travels around the world, playing and inventing games, puzzles and . . . other stuff.

He created WizdomZone, Ltd. to enhance your Power, Freedom and Creativity as you have FUN!

This web site contains information about products based on two of his greatest inventions, FAROOK and WIZ-BLOX for distribution world-wide.

FAROOK is The Ultimate Strategy Game

Enjoy a few minutes of head-to-head competition, anyplace, anytime, with anybody, age 6 to 106+, with this beautiful, Mensa award winning game.

FAROOK takes just a minute to learn and gives you a lifetime to enjoy.

FAROOK looks like Tic-tac-toe on steroids and is the First High-Level Strategy Game since Chess.

It's the MOST Dangerous Game in the World . . . It makes YOU Think.

Each FAROOK game package has 3 ways to play:

(1) in person, (2) against your computer, and (3) over the Internet.

FAROOK is available in many price ranges from thrifty to $1,000,000.

Each FAROOK game is a work of art that can change the way you live your life, and each physical game comes with FAROOK software so you can develop your critical thinking strategic skills anytime, anyplace.

At the end of each game both players can learn their Fortunes.

WIZ-BLOX is The Ultimate Creative Puzzle 3-D Sculpture, 3-D Puzzles, 3-D Answers = 3-D FUN

WIZ-BLOX, the museum quality, creative 3-D puzzle takes the classic Chinese Tangram, to your next dimension.

NOTE: For over 100 years Tangram has been the most popular puzzle in the world. It's greater than Rubik's.

Your brain needs challenging, intelligent, creative activity at every age, especially ages 5 to 105+. WIZ-BLOX can make you smarter and more creative as you have FUN!

Build mind-dazzling, 3-D sculpture that stick together with a few drops of water. Or solve amazing new 3-D WIZ-BLOX Puzzles and classic 2-D Tangram puzzles.

WIZ-BLOX are available in many sizes from books with WIZ-BLOX and 99 Puzzles and Answers to Super-Colossal, 20 inch x 40 inch x 80 inch, big enough to sleep on at night or turn into amazing objects during the day.

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